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ApotheKelly Wellness Gold Family Standar
ApotheKelly Wellness Gold Family Standar

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Hazel - 50mg CBD Pain Stick

I love this salve!! I cannot say it enough. It is a standard item in my first aid box and in my purse. It works! Really works! Pain relief lasts around 12 hours - depending on the injury you can literally feel it wear off. 

I’m a bit clumsy so have used it a ton. 

I took a nasty fall that bruised my wrist and stress fractured my forearm. My wrist was purple and swollen but all that was completely gone in 3 days!! My bones healed in only 5 weeks! (3-5 weeks sooner than expected).

I have also used it for my disc degenerative disease, headaches on my forehead, sunburn, many cuts, and bruises on various parts on my family’s bodies - all with great success.

I’m not a pill taker and this has made a huge difference to all of the aches and pains I suffer with (and cause myself).


Nicole, RN - 50mg CBD Pain Stick

I started using Kelly’s salve multiple times a day after I hurt my ankle (possible fracture) in May ’20. It was swollen, bruised and I was limping. I used Kelly’s Pain Stick with 50 mg CBD and it helped a LOT!  I found myself just naturally reaching for it as soon as I got up and out of bed every day, during the day and before bed. It was soothing, lasts a long time and smells good. It’s not greasy and the applicator is easy to use (and environmentally friendly!) I would recommend to anyone!


Katy Martin, RN - Pain, Sprain, & Bruise Salve

My husband has a repetitive-use injury in his right elbow from his job. He has been to see his doctor and has tried occupational therapy and acupuncture. However, the only thing that seems to bring him relief is ApotheKelly’s Pain, Sprain, and Bruise salve. He reaches for it throughout the day and every evening after work to help ease his discomfort. It has made a big difference for him and for a big difference for me because I don’t have to listen to him complain about it anymore!