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Superior plant-based wellness products created in the mountains of Colorado. Organic balms and salves to support your body naturally. Real ingredients from nature that gets results.


A safe, non-invasive, and FDA-approve treatment to
reduce pain and inflammation
Improve immune function
Improve circulation
Improve sleep
Improve & Support mental health
Accelerate surgery & injury recovery
NASA-backed research

Health Coaching

Learn How to Adopt a Lasting, Healthy Lifestyle
Crush Your Cravings
Uncover Your Triggers and Establish Healthier Eating & Lifestyle Habits
Set & Achieve your Health & Life Goals
Empower Yourself


I'm Kelly, a certified Health Coach, wellness product developer, and certified PEMF Practitioner. My journey began when I developed a successful lip balm formula to alleviate my son's persistent rash. From there, I created other plant-based healing products, eventually landing a spot in the Sunset Spring 2022 Subscription Box.


I soon discovered that my son's skin issues were related to gut health, which I managed through major diet and lifestyle changes. This inspired me to become a certified Health Coach, where I support clients in developing healthier habits and relationships with food and their bodies.

I've also been exploring the benefits of PEMF Therapy, which has been life-changing for me, particularly after experiencing Long Covid symptoms. I'm excited to be opening an office at Peak Wellness Collaborative, serving The Arkansas Valley and Chaffee County, where I'll be using a holistic approach to help clients achieve optimal health and wellness.


"I have noticed a huge change {since working with Kelly}, the biggest being I'm more concerned about my health than my weight. I still want to lose weight, but I believe that will follow once my health issues do = shift in lifestyle.

I could not have changed my mindset without Kelly's help. Her positivity, realism, and belief in me was beyond helpful. You helped me change the way I think about food and health. I'm going to miss our bi-weekly chats!


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