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healing - from the earth


Superior plant-based wellness products created in the mountains of Colorado. Organic balms and salves to support your body naturally. Real ingredients from nature that gets results.


A safe, non-invasive, and FDA-approve treatment to
reduce pain and inflammation
Improve immune function
Improve circulation
Improve sleep
Improve & Support mental health
Accelerate surgery & injury recovery
NASA-backed research

Health Coaching

Learn How to Adopt a Lasting, Healthy Lifestyle
Crush Your Cravings
Uncover Your Triggers and Establish Healthier Eating & Lifestyle Habits
Set & Achieve your Health & Life Goals
Empower Yourself

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Hi! I’m Kelly Schoger, a certified Health Coach, wellness product developer, and certified PEMF Practitioner. You might be wondering how I got here and how all of this relates...

Products came first. In a quest to alleviate a persistent, 10-month rash around my toddler's mouth, I developed a lip balm formula that helped immensely. That led to creating other plant-based, organic healing balms and salves for family and friends and eventually product placement in the Sunset Spring 2022 Subscription Box!

My son's skin issues turned out to be gut issues, just like his mom's! I was able to get that under control and figure it out (with little help from any doctors), it lead me to Health Coaching. As a certified Health Coach, I support my clients and their relationship with food, physically and mentally. They learn body awareness and understand how the food they eat can affect their entire system.

PEMF Therapy is my newest endeavor and has been life-changing. After two bouts with Covid in less than a year and persistent Long Covid symptoms, I was looking for anything that could help with my exhausting symptoms. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy has allowed my body a healthy environment to heal and regain my energy...and bonus, I regained the full range of motion in my arthritic, Degenerative Disc Diseas-ed neck!

I will be opening an office at Peak Wellness Collaborative for treatments serving The Arkansas Valley and Chaffee County in mid-January. 


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