Image by Oliver Paaske

"Creating" has always been an integral part of my life. I love working with my hands and there is always some sort of ongoing WIP (work in progress) hanging out somewhere in our house. The interests are endless; graphic design, wood signs, wire-wrapped jewelry, ceramics & pottery, metal stamping, lettering & calligraphy, crochet, gemstone malas, furniture restoration, hacking my Cricut, sewing....and so much more. And recently, painted rocks. 


My husband Matt, and I discovered a painted rock at our River Park right after Phase 1 of quarantine was lifted. It said "Bee Kind"

We left it for someone else to find.

But it also sparked an idea in my brain. Finding the little gem made me happy, it put a smile on my face for the rest of our walk! So I decided to start spreading smiles and happiness and embarked on my own "painted rock" journey.

I now paint rocks on the daily. I drop them at our River Park and with a message on the back, sometimes to raise awareness for #RocksForAlec,a 17-year old that died in a distracted driving accident a few weeks after graduating high school in 2017, or simply the #Kindness Rocks movement, a movement simply to inspire others through kindness. My rocks have also gone out to cancer patients to hold during treatment and I include "a rock with every order." Keep it as a reminder or hide it somewhere to bring a smile to someone's day. You never know who needs a little word of encouragement.


A Rock With Every Order...