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Hi! I’m Kelly Schoger, a certified Health Coach and it is my passion to guide those who know they are ready to make a change to their life. I teach people how to make EASY, healthy, and sustainable changes to their diet and lifestyle so that they can get back to living their life.

I'm a crafty, mountain-momma, self-professed health nerd. I totally geek-out about all things health, wellness, nature, allergy "diets" and WHOLE FOOD. I am best-known for helping my clients discover a way of eating and a lifestyle that is perfect for their unique body and mind. In a nutshell, I teach people how to eat healthy and in a way that eliminates their symptoms of weight gain, joint and muscle pain, gastrointestinal upset, gas/bloating and abdominal pain, brain fog, mental health, and many, many more symptoms.

I have been health coaching my friends and family for decades and made it official when I graduated in 2017 from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the largest integrative nutrition school in the world.

Throughout my education, I have been exposed to the most cutting-edge dietary theories...and I learned that there is only one that will work for you and I can help you figure that out.

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