Hi! I’m Kelly Schoger, a certified Health Coach at Health Coach Kelly and owner, creator, and product developer at ApotheKelly Wellness. It's crazy to think this whole "thing" started with lip balm.

I am a boy mom of two and both of them were basically born sick; colds, ear infections, mysterious rashes, strep throat, flu, gastroenteritis...we later learned they inherited my digestive shortcomings, thus a handful of allergies and a weak immune system.

In 2012, we were frustrated that we couldn't get rid of a painful rash around my son's mouth. Conventional doctors, prescription creams, and medications didn't work. With more medication and fewer answers, I went the natural route. I was willing to try anything at that point. I stumbled upon an (expensive) cocoa-butter-based lip balm that helped soothe and heal his skin, which is more than anything else did for him. I'm a bit "crunchy" so I knew I could make something similar to save us some money...I started gifting it to family and friends, then landed a small retail deal with our local health food store....and ApotheKelly Wellness was born.

Each product has been LITERALLY formulated with love for someone in my life - myself, my kids and husband, my sister, mom and stepdad, even our dog Kula for his knee surgery (his vet couldn't believe his healing time was cut in half!)


It is because of this, that I only use the highest-quality ingredients I can find. Because what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put in your body.