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PEMF Therapy

EVERYONE can benefit from PEMF Therapy - human and animal alike.

  • Increases energy 

  • Reduces inflammation, swelling, and pain

  • Promotes healing of sore muscle, joint, ligament pain

  • Allows you better sleep

  • Helps you recover from an injury faster

  • Improves immune function

  • Improves athletic performance

  • Improves lymphatic circulation

  • ....and so much more 

PEMF does not heal.png

It recharges your cells

creating a healthy environment

that allows your body to heal itself.

FDA-approved | non-invasive | researched & adopted by NASA

What is PEMF?

Who Can Benefit From PEMF?

PEMF therapy allows the body to recover faster when injury does happen, often by half with even shorter healing time for injuries treated in the acute phase. 

PEMF promotes optimal performace by keeping muscles working optimally, decreasing the risk of injury as well.

Various clinical studies have proven that PEMF therapy has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects. Therefore is a safe and effective option for autoimmune patients looking for pain relief. PEMF promote cellular communication, which is vital to the body’s regulation process and immune system function.

PEMF therapy can help slow down the aging process and lower the possibility of cell dysfunction. FDA approved for pain management, PEMF re-eergizes cells giving more energy and stregnth. Increases range of motion and ciruclation, stregnthens the immune system, supports heart and brain health and so much more.

New Moms/


PEMF is not recommended for pregnant women, but it has many benefits for the new mom (and dad). PEMF can speed up and alleviate the pain of the birthing recovery process, natural and Cesarean Section. It also helps with Post Partum Depression and is safe for nursing mommas. It may even increase their supply!
Best of all, PEMF offers an energy recharge for those tired moms and dads.

 Post-COVID-19 fatigue is a frequent symptom in COVID-19 survivors. It includes a wide range of ongoing health issues including but not limited to: fatigue, brain fog, anxiety and depression, skin lesions, respiratory weakness including, chronic cough, chest pain, difficulty breathing, headache, insomnia, digestive distress, loss of taste and smell and more.

PEMF triggers the body's natural healing process by dampening and resolving the inflammatory response (through the regulation of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokine secretion, if you really want to know). Lots of science stuff, I know. But it's all goof for you, just know that. PEMF is safe for almost everyone and has no known side effects.

PEMF treatment is safe, non-invasive and effective for humans under 18 years of age. PEMF can help your student athlete improve their performance, recovery quicker from injury, keep their immune system strong, and their increase their energy levels with everything they have to balance in their, sports, family, and friends.

PEMF was originally used on racehorses as a recovery and healing modality to extend the life of an injured horse. It ended up changing Equine Medicine. Efficacy of this therapy was shown in the rapid healing of broken legs in racehorses.

The healing was so quick that many refers to the results as “miraculous” and it was hard to ignore.

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