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I am a long-winded person. “To make a short story long….” This could be my motto in life. So I don’t know where or how to start with this one but I’ll try to give you an abridged update and why my account has been fairly inactive recently… it starts back on 1/5/2020 when my Soul Puppy, Huli told us it was her time to go. And while I could literally go on for hours about my Huli girl I’ll just say that it was the Grand Opening to my Downward Health Spiral for the next two years. It took me months to get out of that deep, dark depression after her passing. And during that time:

Covid and lockdown changed our world

Our other dog had to have knee surgery with a 4-month recovery time – we moved our bedroom downstairs into the living room to accommodate him.

My younger brother died unexpectedly, he was only 29 and left behind his 2-year-old son

My uncle died in a tragic house fire 4 months after that,

and then my dad died of a brain aneurysm 6 weeks later.

I had a bit of a mental breakdown Summer of 2021, went reclusive, stopped talking to friends.

In August I attended a joint funeral for my dad and brother. Hugged my stepmom for the first time in 10 years and met my 3-year-old nephew.

I contracted Covid November 2021, lost my sense of taste (it’s still off), developed a chronic cough, and fatigue, my entire body was in pain, and my mental state started to take another dive.

By February of 2022, I recognized that I needed help again. My anxiety was off the hook for no reason. So I got help….and it worked for a bit, I was feeling better, my body was healing, my chronic cough stopped…

Until Covid hit our household in August.

Let me just say that the actual illness was not so bad as the aftereffects, I mean, I felt like crap but I wasn't expecting what happened when I "recovered".

I developed an allergy to chicken, eggs, beef, and most grains - some vegetable proteins seemed to trigger an allergic reaction…So basically I am allergic to food.

A painful shingles-type rash developed all over one side of my face.

Anxiety came back and I had an existential crisis regarding Health Coaching and was thinking about quitting when I discovered a therapy that has literally been changing my life. I bought the entire system, became certified in PEMF Therapy, and found an amazing suite to lease at a new Wellness Collaborative in my small town. I started treating myself, my family, and my friends. (I officially open on 1/11/23 - the 3rd anniversary of my Soul Puppies Rainbow Bridge run.)

Finally, I was doing really well! And then in November, my body really fell apart. In a 2 day span, my painful face rash came back, a lymph node under my chin started swelling into a rock-hard lump, I developed an eye infection in my right eye, and every day I woke up my eyes would be painfully swollen shut. I developed an eczema rash around both my eyes and my mouth. My face looked like a busted can of biscuits.

I went to two doctors and the hospital for blood work and chest x-rays.

I lost 9 lbs in 2 days because I couldn’t eat anything without triggering another allergy attack.

That lasted for 5 weeks - I’m just getting out of this chronic allergy attack.

So why the update? Because you never know what’s going on with someone until they tell you. Give your friends and loved ones some grace. Life is fucking hard. Existing right now is hard.

You can make assumptions based on how people are presenting their life (“is Kelly mad at me? Why did she stop talking to me?” “Kelly looks healthy, fit, and toned.” “Kelly is so happy.” “Aw, Kelly looks so happy with her baby goats.” “Kelly posts such inspirational, empowering messages.” “It makes me feel so good when Kelly checks in on me.” etc.)

What is presented is not always what is (see Mr. Twitch Boss).

Keep that in mind for 2023.

Check on your friends and loved ones. Take care of your health. If you have been having weird issues after Covid, start researching Long Covid and see if any of your symptoms correlate…and then find an Internist, Functional Doctor, or Naturopath for help in recovery.

If you feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to, you have me. I’ve been there, and I can relate. I will listen without judgment. I will listen with empathy. I will listen with love.

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