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🥳💪Let’s Get This Party (re)Started! 🤠

Are you ready for a big dose of motivation?

I have a strong message for you today, Wellness Warriors! It’s about getting yourself back on-track after the past couple of months after the pandemic. Because let’s face it, if you’re like most people, chances are you’ve drifted away at least a little bit from your healthy lifestyle habits.

People’s lives have been flipped upside down for the past few months. Healthy foods have been harder to access, gyms and fitness studios have been closed, kids have been home from school, plus, there is still so.much.stress! It has been a LOT, I know. I have felt it and experienced the range of emotions just like you and I’ve fallen out of a few healthy habits myself... definitely ate too many gluten-free Quarantine Muffins.

But now it’s time to dig in and get focused again!

I know jumpstarting yourself back up can seem like a big job, but it really isn’t. In reality all that resistance is just in your head. All of those excuses and inertia are just thoughts in your head. They are not real so don’t give away ANY of your attention or energy to them. Your body WANTS you to eat healthy foods, you body WANTS to move and feel healthy, strong and energized!

The key is you just have to START …

Take action as soon as possible because the longer you wait, the harder it will be to get back on track! I know you already know this - it’s just a matter of DOING IT! A friend finished her first workout in weeks and sent me a text about it. She felt better both mentally and emotionally and went far beyond the physical boost as she couldn’t believe how much more positive and focused she felt! Her job lay-off and the pandemic launched her into a mini-rut and she had forgotten how much better she feels after she does it!. Despite the fact that she had more time on her hands spending any extra energy seemed like a lot of work at the time.

Exercise yourself back into control

She finally realized how IN CONTROL she is over her life AND how she feels. She just needed to pick herself up and get her body out the door for a workout. It was exercise that helped to give her that confidence boost!

I want to encourage you to fall back in love with feeling great!

Start taking a few steps TODAY to get back to your healthy routines. You will NOT regret it … but you WILL regret putting it off if you wait too long. Right now, I want you to think of ONE THING you can do to get back on-track. Let us know what it is in my Facebook Group: ApotheKelly Wellness Warriors! If it’s a workout, write WORKOUT. If it’s meditate, write MEDITATE. Or if it has to do with your nutrition, write that! And then I want you to go do that one thing, as soon as possible. OK? And let me know when you’ve done that one thing. We’ll add a little accountability in today :-)

The first step always feels like the hardest …

How many times have you said to yourself, “That was a lot easier than I thought! Why did I wait so long?”

I bet you will feel the same way when you get back on track! As always, if you need someone to help keep you accountable or help you figure out where to start, send me an email at kelly(at) and let’s start the conversation

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