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Pet-Safe CBD and arnica pain stick

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

tl;dr: A dear friend requested my Pain, Sprain, & Bruise salve in stick-form around the same time our dog was having major knee surgery so I developed an extra-strength, pet-safe formula 50mg CBD and arnica pain stick that halved our dog’s recovery time and supported his healing. YOU CAN BUY MY 50mg CBD and arnica pain stick HERE:

I have a group of dedicated customers that have been with me from the beginning, friends, and family of course. They support me and in turn, I love sending them free samples or having them test products for me.

I also take suggestions so when a regular customer, who is also like a second mom to me asked if I could make my CBD and Arnica Pain, Sprain, and Bruise salve in a stick form for easier application I didn’t give it a second thought. Yes! Great idea! And all of my products have been born out of necessity or request from my family or friends. So I got on it.

However, I didn’t want the exact same product in a different form, I wanted to be able to offer a new product with different benefits to meet different people’s (and turns out animal’s) needs. Enter our 80-lb lap dog, Kula. In January we discovered our sweet, lovable, big doofus of a dog blew out his knee and need surgery. I knew I could make something to help support the current pain and healing naturally and also post-surgery (he was already on medication for pain and inflammation). I couldn’t use my Pain, Sprain, and Bruise salve because there are a few essential oils in it that aren’t good for dogs (tea tree and peppermint to be exact).

Research led me to find the strongest essential oil support that was pet friendly – and I came up with the powerhouse of copaiba, lavender, frankincense, and helichrysum. I also increased the strength by doubling the amount of CBD and my 50mg CBD & Arnica Pain Stick was born (creative name, I know).

Kula had daily follow-up visits for 10 days post-surgery for laser treatments. I had also been applying my new formula 2x a day and when we took him in, the vet techs could not believe their eyes. There was minimal bruising and scabbing, like...almost none! But we were also finding it rather challenging to keep him off of it. He was way too active for the amount of pain he should have been in. Turns out, it was working a little too well!

We pulled back on the pain meds, I continued to apply my 50mg CBD and Arnica extra strength Pain Stick and by the time he had to get his staples out a month later his scar was healed and you could barely tell he had a new, bionic knee. Again the vet techs were shocked.

In my opinion, surgery is surgery and healing is healing whether animal or human. And our pets are our family so if it’s good enough for them, it’s definitely good enough for you ;).

However, my I did make sure to test it on people first (there is no animal-testing going on over here, promise!) and my product testers put this to use! Fibromyalgia pain, broken feet and toes, sprained ankles and feet, degenerative disc disease, neuropathy, post-surgery ingrown toenails, cancer pains, back pain, and likely so much more that I am unaware of. My customers come back amazed by the quick results and healing support. And quite frankly, I'm always amazed at the creative uses they find for it.

50mg of local, Colorado organically grown CBD along with arnica oil and pet-safe essential oils to support healing and pain relief in eco-friendly packaging. 50mg ApotheKelly CBD and Arnica Pain Stick packs a big punch. BUY IT HERE:

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