This calming mala supports the throat chakra, the main hub of emotion and communication. Helping influence creativity and your ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Blue Goldstone encourages a positive attitude and helps increase drive and confidence while lapis lazuli, “stone of truth” that restores your ability to communicate effectively. Howlite, a calming stone, also the stone of peace, tranquility, and awareness. Calms communication, encourages emotional expression and facilitates awareness. Fun fact: It is believed that Howlite is able to balance calcium levels in the body aiding teeth, bones, and soft tissue.


This wrist mala runs on the larger side at 8 1/8".


All of my wrist malas are made up of 27 stones and ONE guru (large) stone. Counting mala beads helps you concentrate and stay focused during prayer, meditation, meetings, doctor visits, during an anxiety attack etc.


When using a mala for meditation, start by holding your guru bead, close your eyes and set your intention or prayer. Slowly breathe in. Exhale. Touch the bead next to it. Slowly breathe in again. Exhale. Touch the bead next to it. Repeat until you reach the guru bead.



blue goldstone, lapis lazuli, howlite

  • All mala bracelets contain 27 gemstones but vary in size. Malas with larger "guru beads" will have a looser fit. Most bracelets measure between 7.75" - 8.25".

    7.75" will fit snugly on a wrist that measures 7.5" around