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Revive Essential Oils – Making the switch from Young Living and doTerra


Revive Essentail Oils – Giving YL and doTerra a run for their money!

I spend top dollar for my essential oils and I am tired. of it.  Anyone else? doTerra and formerly Young Living essential oils were my essential oil’s of choice because of their “purity” and quality assurance testing. But turns out, that’s not always the case.  After the Young Living cinnamon bark debacle (it was found to contain synthetic cinnamon) I made the switch to doTerra. You can read about The Great Synthetic Cinnamon Essential Oil Debacle here.  And because I don’t “work it” because I don’t work it as an MLM, I don’t reap the “benefits” from the membership…other than quality oils at 24% off. 

debbie downer

Daily Use

However, I really do experience the medicinal benefits and with daily use, that shit gets expensive. So I started looking for some less expensive alternatives and found new (ish) company called REVIVE. Revive hit the market late 2018 and is making some waves in the essential oils game….and the best part is it is NOT AN MLM!

From the REVIVE website:

Young Living and doTERRA are MLM (multi-level-marketing) brands.
MLM Brands are expensive by design. 60% of the price of purchasing MLM Essential Oils & Blends goes to pyramid of MLM advocates. These MLM advocates are expensive and make essential oils more expensive for you.  These MLM advocates will tell you that you’re paying for quality but you’re actually paying for the MLM.
This is why we’ve created REVIVE. REVIVE is sold directly from our website and delivered to your door. We sell directly to you which means we can have the same high quality essential oils but sell them at a cheaper price because we are passing on the savings directly to you.

There are no monthly or yearly fees. There are no monthly minimums. Buy what you use.
We created REVIVE to create a company without these arm twisting gimmicks.


Quality Comparative to doTerra and Young Living

Most importantly, the quality of the product, which is my biggest concern, compares to doTerra and Young Living. Meet, Dr. Pappas, the pHD Chemist previously working for doTerra and Young Living. He has been testing essential oils for over 23 year and performs independent quality assurance testing on every single batch of Revive Oil. I trust this dude knows what he’s doing.

Meet Dr. Robert Pappas

“He verifies Revive Oils are as high quality, pure, & potent as doTerra and YL.  GC/MS reports from Dr. Pappas are available on the on the Revive website. He ensures through GC/MS testing & 20 other tests that Revive Essential Oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade, with no fillers or fragrances.”

New Blends

So, my friends, I made the switch! I love that they have similar blends and a “cheat sheet” for you to find the ones you love from Young Living and doTerra. Check that out here.


And with blends like Copaiba and Coffee and Zen, who can resist? THEY EVEN HAVE full spectrum CBD oil! I haven’t tried it out yet, but when I do I’ll let you know. And if you try them out, let me know how you like them.

You can buy them online (and with free shipping!) at

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