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I love this salve!! I cannot say it enough. It is a standard item in my first aid box and in my purse. It works! Really works! Pain relief lasts around 12 hours - depending on the injury you can literally feel it wear off.
I’m a bit clumsy so I have used it a ton.

My first real success with this salve was from a fall that bruised my wrist and stress fractured my forearm. My wrist was purple and swollen but all that was completely gone in 3 days!! My bone only took 5 WEEKS to mend as I used the salve on my entire arm twice a day - every day!

I have also used it for headaches on my forehead, sunburn, many cuts, and bruises on various parts on my family’s bodies - all with great success.

I have disc degenerative disease in my lower 5 and I have found that it really helps relieve the full ache at the base of my spine also. I’m not a pill taker and this has made a huge difference to all of the aches and pains I suffer with (and cause myself). - Hazel Brooks


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