Our SOOTHE products are potent, all-purpose, Ayurvedic skin healing salves made with organic and wild-grown ingredients

  • Tackles painful, itchy skin issues like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, and acne

  • Soothes and heals bug bites, sunburn, rashes, and skin irritations

  • Relieves pain and speeds up the healing process from injury, bruises, cuts, & scrapes

  • Helps protect the skin from free radical damage, oxidative stress, and accelerates cell and tissue renewal

  • Reduces skin hyperpigmentation, dark spots, blotchiness, redness, and puffiness

  • Reduces scarring

Anti-fungal | Anti-inflammatory | Antibacterial | Antiviral | Antiseptic | Astringent | Analgesic