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Sugar and your Immune System

Sugar Depresses Your Immune System Making It Easier For Us To Get Sick

The Holidays have officially started

With the fall days settling in, it’s easy to find solace in the coziness of the season. Comfy pants and fireplaces, to comfort food and candy, it’s hard not to put on some winter pounds. I mean, that’s just what our ancestors did, packed on a few more pounds in the late summer and fall so they could stay warm for the winter, it’s ancestral.

Halloween is the unofficial start of the “holidays” in my opinion – A time to come together and celebrate, but also a time of stress with SO MUCH GOING ON! A lot of folks don’t give it much thought, but how do you want to tackle the start of this holiday season? With energy? Good health and a strong immune system? Well, that starts with what we eat.

Sugar Depresses Your Immune System

Did you know that too much sugar depresses your immune system making it much easier for you to get sick? Not to mention that we are all cooped up inside most of the day enabling the spread of germs even more. If you’re often tempted by candy this season (and who isn’t?!?!) A slight shift in mindset and diet can help you tackle this holiday season with health and energy!

Being Mindful

Today is a good day to start being mindful of what goes in your mouth so that you can stay healthy and strong for the holiday gauntlet that is looming…..”Sugar impacts your white blood cells by competing for space in those cells with Vitamin C. When Linus Pauling did research in the 1970s to find out how the body uses Vitamin C, he discovered that white blood cells need Vitamin C to destroy bacteria and viruses. Sugar and Vitamin C are similar in their chemical structure. When you eat sugar, it directly competes for space in your immune cells with Vitamin C! The more sugar in your system, the less Vitamin C can get into your white blood cells. Sugar DOES NOT help your immune system fight infection at all, resulting in a weakened defense from infections.” (source:

Remove Temptation

The easiest way to resist temptation is to remove temptation from your life. Chuck the Halloween candy, make a deal with your kids to trade it in for some money or a small toy, donate it to the troops, find a dentist that will trade it in for you, but get it out of your face. That’s step one to a healthy immune system.

Stay tuned for more tips on staying healthy during the holiday season.

Happy Vibes and Healthy Holidays,


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