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The Most Incredible Cranberry Sauce You Will Ever Put In Your Mouth

Really, It's is the most incredible cranberry sauce you will ever eat

THERE ARE THREE TYPES OF PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD….canned cranberry sauce or those that find canned cranberry sauce repulsive and have completely given up on it. I was the latter until a dear friend of mine from my mid-twenties passed along a recipe that changed. my. life.

Now, that may seem a bit dramatic….life-changing cranberry sauce, but oh, my word, who even KNEW that cranberry sauce could ever taste THIS GOOD!

Want to know the secret recipe? Other than looooove? Blueberries. I know, blueberries aren’t very “Thanksgiving-y” but damn, they make. this. dish.

It is the only recipe that I still got old school for and pull out the recipe card. Every Thanksgiving I text him turkey day wishes to let him know I’m thinking about him and eating some DELICIOUS Cranberry sauce.

Original Recipe circa 2004

I have modified it slightly to make it “healthier” and only with a sweetener substitution. I simply replace the white sugar with coconut sugar or monkfruit sugar or add in honey after I take it off the stove (Cooking tip: never boil honey! It kills all of the good stuff the bees put in there!) Why? Coconut and monkfruit sugars are both low on the Glycemic Index scale, meaning they won’t have quite the effect on my blood sugar. Cranberries are pretty great in that respect also, they have the lowest amount of sugar than most other fruit, only 4g of sugar per cup of berries.

If you try this out this low(er) carb Cran-blueberry sauce, let me know how you like it!


Click me to download the recipe for the best Blue-Cranberry Sauce ever!

Happy Vibes and Healthy Holidays!


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