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What is a Health Coach?

What is a Health Coach?

“Um, What is a Health Coach?” I get asked this question a lot when I tell people what I do. Some mistakingly refer to me as a Life Coach or a Nutritionist and while there are definitely similarities, there are aspects of Health Coaching that definitely don’t fall under these categories (and vice versa).

When most people think of their health they think of their diet and the amount of exercise they get in each week. But your health is much more than just diet and exercise.

Think back to a time when you were elated-happy, maybe when you were newly in love. It seems as if colors were more vibrant, food tasted better, it is like you were floating on air! You just felt different, you felt more.

Sometimes it is not just food that feeds us but the energy around us.

You see, everything that is considered “a source of nutrition is really just a secondary source of nourishment.” (source: Institute of Integrative Nutrition)

Primary Food

Our health and overall well-being is shaped by more than just diet and exercise, it is shaped by our Primary Food. The health of our relationships, finances, career, & spirituality is the energy that feeds our body and mind and ultimately determines our health.

And that’s where a Health Coach comes in. I like to break it down like this: Health Coaches help you figure out how to “feed” your mind, body, and soul. My clients typically reach out to me because they are in poor health and think that shaping up their diet will do the trick. What they aren’t aware of is that there are other underlying issues causing their poor health.

Body, mind, spirit, soul, map for balanced life on wooden background

I value and practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that I look at how all areas of your life are connected. Does stress at your job or in your relationship(s) cause you to overeat? Is lack of sleep cause your sugar cravings? Does your low energy prevent you from exercising? What is in your diet that is causing brain fog? As we work together, we will look at how all parts of your life affect your health as a whole.

Anything that can cause distress in our life is also contributing to your poor health.

You can eat the cleanest diet

You can exercise daily

But you will never find true health until you work on the Primary Food in your life.

What’s More….

Health Coaches are a fantastic resource to use in conjunction with your primary care physician. So often people head to the doctor, are diagnosed with some ailment, and are given a short write up on how to manage this new medical issue. And then have no idea where to go or what to do from there. So they don’t…..or they try but don’t succeed because they don’t know what all they really have to do and they are stuck in this perpetual cycle of unwell.

eight person huddling

Too many of my clients have come to me knowing what they need to do to “get healthy”, but don’t know where to start or the steps they need to take to get there. It’s frustrating, but being healthy doesn’t have to be hard.

Let’s say you were diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid. You rheumatologist may give you a prescription of cocktails and a piece of paper telling you how you need to manage your new diagnosis.

This is where a Health Coach comes in….we can support you in your new diagnosis and teach you how to refine your diet to find healthy foods that support your system for this specific ailment. We teach you about self-care, keep you motivated, and feeling supported during the tough times. We offer encouragement and tough love when things get challenging, but with empathy and understanding of what you are going through. We make you dig deep and really figure out what’s going through your head in regards to your health and well-being. And often times the entire family ends up benefitting from eating healthier and learning new habits from my clients.

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We will define what you value most from your well-being. We’ll use these visions to motivate specific goals that bring you closer to where you want to be. As a coach, I do not dictate a diet for you, but together we will explore why some foods make you feel better than others and how to strategically use that feedback. Together we’ll co-create your health goals within reasonable time frames and with easy, actionable objectives so that you know exactly what you’re working towards.

Throughout my education, I have been exposed to the most cutting-edge dietary theories. I also studied highly effective coaching techniques to help my clients find the right lifestyle that works best for them. Together we work on finding the unique balance they need to support their new way of life.

I am passionate about helping others find a way of eating and lifestyle that is perfect for their unique bio-individuality. I would love to chat with you and invite you to sign up for my FREE 50 minute Health History consultation with me so we can chat. Besides, when was the last time you had 50 minutes to talk about yourself! I want to listen!





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